All bookings are done through our website. You can find the most appropriate program for your child by using our Class Finder. Once you’ve found your desired program, just select the ‘timetable’ button to find your preferred day and time. Once you have selected your class, press the ‘select students’ button, you will be prompted to create an account and follow through from there. Happy booking and we cannot wait to see you in the gym very soon!

Absolutely! We allow for one trial class, before you commit to enrolling your child with us. If you choose not to continue with enrolment, after your child has completed the trial class, you will only be charged for that one class your child participated in. To book in for a trial, click here. Confirmation will be sent to you once our office has received your request.

We run a multitude of classes at Twisters, so our advice would be to visit our Class Finder. Alternatively, you can click here and use the search bar to narrow down your options.

The process is pretty much identical to booking into a class, but you’re childs ‘status’ will be changed to ‘wait’. That being said, all bookings are done through our website, including wait lists. You can find the most appropriate program for your child by using our Class Finder.

Once you’ve found your desired program, just select the ‘timetable’ button to find your preferred day and time. Once you have selected your class, press the ‘select students’ button, you will be prompted to create an account and follow through from there. You can add your child onto as many wait lists as you like.

Once there is a spot available for your child to join that class, we will be in touch via email to confirm with you!

If you have a schedule change and wish to update your child’s enrolment you can do so by following our transfer procedure.
This quick and easy process allows you to switch your class in one go, rather than creating a new enrolment where you risk being active in multiple classes.
You will need to download our app. You can do so by searching for ‘The iClassPro App’, then once downloaded, ensure you enter the correct organisation name, which is ‘twistersgym’ (it needs to be spelled out exactly like this, otherwise you may end up at a Twisters in Canada).
Once logged in, you can simply follow these  transfer steps any time you require an ongoing class change.
1. Open the iClass Pro App and login.
2. On the bottom toolbar, select ‘Account’.
3. Under ‘Students’, click on your child’s name.
4. Here you can click on ‘Enrollments’ followed by ‘Transfer Enrollment’.
5. Filter the timetable as you wish, and scroll through to look at your options.
* If you wish to follow through with transferring, you can then press on your preferred class and follow the prompts. If you simply wish to look at the options, you can scroll through the timetable and then exit out of the app without processing any changes.

We will be sad to see you go! You can drop out of your enrolled class at any time. We require 14-days’ notice. You can submit a ‘Drop’ request through the Parent Portal or email us at admin@twistersgym.com.au. Once we have received your cancellation, the office will send you a confirmation.
We cannot refund you for unused makeup tokens, they hold no monetary value and are given as a grace for classes you have had to miss. They must be used when your child has an active enrolment with Twisters. This means that you cannot cancel your membership and then continue to use makeup tokens.

Please note: our office is open Monday to Friday, except public holidays. If you request to cancel your child’s enrolment after 2pm on a Friday, the cancellation will not be processed until the following Monday.

Anything comfortable! A t-shirt or singlet with shorts, or if your child has a leotard and would like to wear that, they’re more than welcome! No shoes, no problem. Hair should be tied back and jewellery should be removed before class.

We offer unlimited make up classes for absences notified in advance!

They are automatically generated whenever you enter a future absence (through the parent app/portal, via email, web chat, or in person), indicating that your child will miss a class due to health reasons, a trip away or some other commitment. 

Tokens expire after 90-days so there is plenty of time to get yourself booked in!

You can book your make up class yourself using our app. Head to your app store and download ‘The iClassPro App’, the organisation name is ‘twistersgym’ (make sure to use exactly this or you may end up at a Twisters in Canada). Once you are into your ‘Account’, select the student you’re wanting to book into a make up class, a list of options will appear where you can select ‘Make Ups’ and then ‘Current Location Makeup Tokens’.  You can now book in for a class at a time that works for you!

We do not offer credits for missed classes, you cannot use make up tokens in lieu of monthly membership fees, and make up tokens are non-transferrable.

When you book a make-up class, you’re actually taking up a spot in that particular class. The reason you can only book six days in advance is to ensure that spot isn’t held for weeks in advance and instead allows a child to join Twisters and start their gymnastics journey!

It is important to pick your child up from their class on time, in the case that you are running late, please know that we will ensure your child remains in the foyer under the supervision of our front desk attendant or under the watchful eye of a senior coach until you arrive.

If you’re running late, don’t worry about calling us, if you’re more than 10 minutes late, we will follow up with you.

Yes, Twisters closes for all public holidays – you can find these dates here. Apart from the dates listed on the Important Dates page we are always open and classes or holiday programs will be running as per usual!

You are welcome to take photos of your child, but we ask that you respect the rights of other individuals and not capture other children in your photos or videos without explicit permission. 

If you’d like to share with us, please use the hashtag #teamtwisters when you post your photos on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to get them featured on Twisters socials!

All of our lead coaches hold an Intermediate qualification or higher from Gymnastics Australia. Our Coaches in Training out on the floor are working towards their coaching accreditation from Gymnastics Australia under the supervision of the lead coach. Our senior coaches have a vast level of experience and knowledge within the sport from years of learning at various clubs. Twisters holds regular training workshops for our coaches and also sends them to sessions at Gymnastics Victoria’s annual coaching conference.

Of course! Parents are welcome to view classes at any time. We have a viewing area at all of our locations, providing great views across the gym. Any children waiting for siblings or friends, who are not participating in a class, must remain outside the gym in parent areas and be supervised by an adult at all times.

There is a toddler play area on the mezzanine floor at Northcote to help parents keep little ones entertained. You also have access to the Merri Creek trail and a playground just down the road!
Showgrounds parents have a smaller foyer to contend with, but are still welcome to stay, or you can go and do your shopping at Coles or there is a playground just down the road!
If you’re joining us at Torquay, we are lucky to have Ocean Grind and the Maple Bakery in the area, and of course, Bunnings right at the end of our street.

Our competitive gymnastics streams are filled by selection only. Our coaches are constantly watching for gymnasts who display the skills to move into a more advanced group. If our head coach feels that a more advanced class should be considered, you will be contacted via email. It is a big decision to move a child into one of these classes; they are a big commitment both financially and time wise, so there is plenty to consider.

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