We are so excited that you’re interested in our awesome Tricksters program!
This program focuses on all of the skills that every child who walks in our doors wants to learn. From cartwheels, pullovers and back hip circles on bars, to somersaults, back flips and aerials.
Kids will learn how to do all the tricks, but this program also has a focus on fitness which gymnastics classes kind of miss out on. They will do some circuit work focusing on strength and building up their cardio work. Fun!!

Our classes continue throughout the year and your child may commence at any time. When you book your child in for a trial, or enrol them in a class, your child will automatically be booked/enrolled into the next available class, at the day/time you selected.

Please ensure that you book your child’s trial or enrol for your selected class, in the week that you would like your child to commence. We are unable to book/enrol your child for a future date, holding vacant spots in classes.

What's Next?

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