Teeny Tiny Tornadoes is a carefully designed program for babies learning to roll over, sit and crawl.

Coach Kim has specially designed this program for you to further connect with your little one.

Some, but not nearly all of the focuses are:
music – for language development, rhythm, connect and FUN!
props for tummy time – learn why tummy time is important and how using a mirror, toys or puppets can make a difference.
auditory and visual development using a shaker.
• sensory exploration – feel different textures.
object permanence – the importance of playing peek-a-boo and how it’s actually preparing for separation from carer.
baby massage – add on to your knowledge each week with new techniques
ways to move baby to increase their sensory input – for example, stimulating the vestibular system.
•  social time at the end of each session so that you can connect with the other parents, share your experiences and talk amongst yourselves.

This and so much more…
Our program will be led by our Teeny Tiny staff who can’t wait to meet you and show you how your little one can Grow Through Movement!

These sessions are $5 per class, charged to your nominated card weekly.
Each week the content builds on itself, so if you’re going to miss a class, please get in touch with the office to reschedule for another session during that week.
All sessions each week provide the same content.

"Great teachers, equipment & space. We have been involved since it started & kids love it."
Chris Niall

What's Next?

Once your child is up and about, walking confidently, their next step is to explore and put their new mobility to the test in our OpenGym sessions. Once they’re ready to begin the fundamentals of gym, Tiny Tornadoes.

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