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Our doors are currently closed...

Due to the current lockdown in Metro Melbourne, both Twisters facilities are closed.
If you are looking to join a class, no worries, you can sign up now and we will organise your trial for our first day back in the gym.

To all of our valued Members, thank you for your support and kind words throughout this time,
we can’t wait to have you all back in the gym as soon as possible!

We are very excited to announce that Twisters is coming to Torquay!

The idea of opening a gym in Torquay came pre-COVID, as you can imagine, it was hard to sit back and wait.
We had such a great start to the year, and with that, began searching for a building to make our own. Then a few months ago, we found it! The timing may not be ideal as we now hop in and out of lockdowns, but either way there is plenty happening behind the scenes and we could not be more excited!

Our brand new space is currently being transformed [around lockdowns] into a beautiful gym for the community.
We expect to open at the beginning of November, but please stay tuned to our social channels for more updates.
You can certainly get yourself booked now and once we open you’ll be set to go!

We hope to open on Monday, November 8th!

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Dave Berryman
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If ever I've come across a more welcoming, friendly and accommodating staff, I know not. I'd head hunt the lot if I still had my company. Not just the admins, all the instructors (at least the staff I have so far met...) are professional, courteous, and well aware who ultimately pays their wages. If you are looking for gymnastics and/or ninja skills for your girl/boy, you can't go past Twisters.
Stefanie Iverson
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I have been bringing my girls here for the past year and cannot recommend it enough. The staff and management team are friendly and approachable not to mention professional. The premises is very clean and well maintained. They have a great approach towards younger kids/toddlers and keep things interesting and challenging as they progress to newer levels. We love Twisters!
Veronica Graham
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Thanks Twisters for another great year. My daughter has been training for 6 years with Twisters and has gained so much confidence strength and resilience. Great life skills. She has especially appreciated the chance to do competitions like GFA. ❤️❤️❤️
Deborah Amott
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Well organised. When I enrolled my 6yo last year the staff were clear on the processes, including waiting list management, parking, payments and the educational program. The classes run on time and there do not seem to be any issues with staff failing to turn up or be well prepared for the lessons. The classes are well structured, keeping junior primary school kids engaged and enjoying themselves. And there is no bullying or excessive pressure on participants on show. All very happy.

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