Tiny Tornadoes is our pre-school gymnastics program, teaching your child the early aspects of movement and motor development.  The program focuses on hand eye coordination, strength and flexibility, independent learning, social skills, physical achievement and building confidence.
Activities include jumping, climbing, rolling, swinging, fundamental body shapes and basic gymnastics skills, utilising equipment specifically designed for small children.
2/3-yearolds explore and participate with assistance from their parent/carer, under the direction of qualified coaches.  Parents play a vital role supporting their child throughout the class, helping them to listen, remember and progress through fun circuits.
4/5-year-olds participate independently, under the direction of qualified coaches, to extend their gymnastics skills. The focus is on continued progression of their motor skills, while working on listening, following instructions, sharing and waiting their turn, so they’re school ready.

Check out our Tiny Tornadoes program video below!

Our classes continue throughout the year and your child may commence at any time. When you book your child in for a trial, or enrol them in a class, your child will automatically be booked/enrolled into the next available class, at the day/time you selected.

Please ensure that you book your child’s trial or enrol for your selected class, in the week that you would like your child to commence. We are unable to book/enrol your child for a future date, holding vacant spots in classes.

For 2/3 year old parent assisted classes, parents need to be actively involved with their child. Infant siblings may be carried in a front-pack, as long as your arms are free and you can still actively assist your child. Other siblings, who are not participating in their own class, are not permitted in the gym and alternative babysitting arrangements will need to be made. We understand that some children will be attending with a guardian; this guardian must be willing and able to participate.

"We as a family have been a part of Twisters Showgrounds since opening, we have been involved in a number of different programs and have all enjoyed it. Gymnastics is a superb base for children to gain an understanding of their body and how it moves / they can make it move. I have seen my two children grow in strength and confidence in navigating their body in class and at playgrounds."
Shane Dunn
Massage Therapist

What's Next?

After your child has mastered the fundamentals in our Tiny Tornadoes program they’ll be ready to move into one of these programs. Have a look at our classes page for more options.

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