Besides being one of the most exciting and fulfilling sports, gymnastics helps develop the whole child.

Twisters Gymnastics professionally designed programs build and improve coordination, agility, strength, flexibility and balance that build a foundation that will last a lifetime. Gymnastics encourages physical activity as part of everyday life and promotes discipline, self-esteem, and self-confidence in a fun and creative environment. Our classes are a great place for kids to make friends, to help kids learn to follow directions and teaches them important mental strength, perseverance and patience.

Our Teeny Tiny Tornadoes program has been carefully designed for babies learning to roll over, sit and crawl. We provide our tiniest kids with active learning activities that focus on fundamental development. 

OpenGym is a freeplay program, which gives youngsters a chance to experience the sport of gymnastics from a very young age, without being bound by the structure of a class. 

Tiny Tornadoes is our pre-school gymnastics program, teaching your child the early aspects of movement and motor development through hand eye coordination, strength and flexibility, independent learning, and more!

Gymnastics (Badge & Stars Program) at Twisters helps kids to Grow Through Movement by developing their strength, flexibility, agility and coordination in a fun, supportive, encouraging environment.

A combination of ninja, gymnastics, obstacle course and parkour skills, including jumping, climbing, swinging, leaping, rolling and flipping. Does this sound like your little ninja?

We all know kids love nothing more than jumping on a trampoline, somersaulting, flipping; Twisters Tumbling classes give them the opportunity to do exactly that!

The Gymstar Challenge program is a recreational program that provides gymnasts the chance to compete routines in a fun environment!

TeamGfA is a fantastic option for gymnasts who are interested in developing their floor, tumbling and acrobatics skills in a fun and supportive team environment, with the opportunity to participate in team competitions.

Gym4Me is a unique, participant led program. Classes are structured to provide participants with the independence and flexibility to determine and work towards individualized goals, get input to class format and activities, allowing them to customize their experience in physical activity.

Our SocialGym program is an educational gymnastics based program that brings together like minded children to help develop their social, emotional and problem solving skills to help build and maintain relationships while keeping fit.

While these programs are offered at Twisters, entry is by selection only.

Our Club Badges program is a challenging skill based program, with 10 levels to work through. It was created in-house as a way to extend gymnasts who show some talent, it can be used as a stepping stone to our competitive programs or gymnasts can remain in this for life. 

Twisters Gymnastics runs very small Gymstar and National Levels competitive programs. Both of these programs require a high level of time commitment, with a minimum of 2 sessions per week. Gymnasts that display excellent listening skills, natural gymnastics talent and coordination, high work ethic and a love for all things gymnastics may be selected to join our teams.