Testing FAQ‘s

Why has my child only passed a few skills?
Our testing runs over 2-weeks during regular classes, if your child was away for one of these weeks and didn’t do a makeup class within these 2-weeks unfortunately they have missed out on some of their testing. Don’t worry! Your child will be tested again at the end of the year and we also offer extra testing weeks during the school holidays. You can book into the makeup testing sessions via the parent portal. 

I don’t have a poster or stickers?
If you have not received a poster or stickers, please head to the front desk so that we can provide you with a poster and stickers. 

How many times does my child get tested?
Testing occurs twice a year, during term 2 and term 4. For testing dates and other important dates, please head to this link.

We’d like to remind you to please keep your child at home if they are sick, even if they are negative for COVID. If you know you are away for a class or if your child wakes up sick, please mark yourself absent through the Parent Portal using the ‘Future Absences’ section. If we know your child is away for class, we are able to slot kids’ in for make-up lessons. Each time your child misses their regular class, you will receive a make-up token, and don’t worry, they don’t expire!

Lost Property
We are noticing an increasing amount of lost property across our venues. Before you leave the gym, please double check if your child has left behind a drink bottle, shoes, or jumper. If you do leave something behind, it will be placed into our lost property bucket. The buckets are cleaned out on the 1st of each month so you have plenty of time to pick it up. Or if you know that you won’t make it in before the 1st, feel free to send the office an email and we can place your item aside so that you can pick it up the next time you’re in!

Hair and Jewellery
A reminder if your child has longer hair, it needs to be tied up for gymnastics. The kids spend a lot of time upside down and rolling, if they have flowing hair all over their face and arms, it doesn’t work very well! The same goes for jewellery, please make sure nothing is worn during class, earrings included!

Child Safety Corner
Coaches Extended Learning
Did you know that at Twisters we run workshops every term, across all three of our locations to our help our Coaches expand their knowledge? Our coaches get together with the aim of helping them learn new techniques, build confidence, learn new skills, talk about areas of struggle and of course to help strengthen the bond and build strong connections between staff!
All of this helps them not only become better educators, but provides the best experience for your kids at Twisters!

Important Dates
👉 June 26th | Northcote classes finish
👉 July 1st | monthly membership fees will be charged
👉 July 4th | classes resume at Northcote

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our June Gymnasts of the Month!

Northcote GoM | Jules

I nominated Jules to be Gymnast of the Month because of his attitude, dedication to gymnastics, his huge smile, and his enthusiasm to learn new skills! Jules is always a pleasure to coach as he is consistently working hard, listening in class and showing kindness to everyone. Since the start of the year his skills have improved because of his openness to feedback and his drive to improve. Jules is always willing to have a go and try new things that can be challenging, but his persistence and resilience have helped him overcome any fear. I hope Jules is as proud of himself as I am!

When did you start gymnastics? Last year
What is your favourite thing about gymnastics? Monkey bars
Do you do any other activities? Bike riding, swimming, running
What is your favourite movie? The Greatest Showman
What is your favourite food? Fish & Chips
Favourite gymnastics skill? Everything
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Cartwheels
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Flying
What do you want to be when you are older? A vet

Showgrounds GoM | Matilda

Caylie and I nominated Matilda for her great attitude and dedication which has resulted in exceptional improvements in her gymnastics. Matilda comes to training every session with an outstanding attitude and is always ready to try something new. She is incredibly resilient and dedicated to being the best gymnast she can be. Her attitude has resulted in amazing improvements in her gymnastics which all of her coaches are proud of. She is also a fabulous role model for other kids in the gym and is always a great team mate who’s caring, cheerful, encouraging and always ready for a giggle. Matilda is extremely respectful and has an ability to balance having lots of fun with working really hard! Great job Matilda!

When did you start gymnastics? 4 years ago, in 2018
What is your favourite thing about gymnastics? I like practising my routines and I like doing strength
Do you do any other activities? I’m working really hard on gymnastics at the moment so I don’t do any other sports but activities I enjoy are school work and playing with my friends
What is your favourite movie? Cheaper by the Dozen and Free Guy but I have a lot of favourite movies
What is your favourite food? Pasta!
Favourite gymnastics skill? Flysprings, forward rolls and handstands
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Flyspring and back handspring
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Flying because it would be easier to go on holidays and I could visit my family.
What do you want to be when you are older? An aerospace engineer or in the Olympics for gymnastics

Torquay GoM | Scarlett

Nick chose Scarlett as the Gymnast of the month because she is a fantastic listener in class! She works very hard to put feedback into action in her skills. Scarlett only started gymnastics this year but has made a lot of progress because of this! She is also very thoughtful and often helps her classmates with activities or even checking on them to see if they are okay after the occasional tumble. Great job Scarlett!

When did you start gymnastics? – The Start of 2022
What is your favourite thing about gym? – I like the backflips!
Do you do any other sports? – Used to do swimming and ballet
What is your favourite movie? – Sonic the Hedgehog
What is your favourite food? – Chocolate
Favourite gymnastics skill? – Handstands
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? – Front Saults
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? – Ice power
What do you want to be when you are older? – A Circus performer!

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