Reconnecting After Lockdown


Restrictions are easing and holy moly, it feels good.

Think about it for a second, now I ask, how good does it feel? The kids are back at school, they’re back to sport, lots of us are able to get back to work, we can sit in a cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee, what a breath of fresh air!

As we find ourselves coming out of this lockdown, more than anything, it seems there is a deep craving for connection, community, and loved ones. Being able to sit down and have an actual, in person, conversation with another human being. Getting to pop around to a mates house and let the kids tear around the back yard. Maybe getting a little further from home to visit with the grandparents and see how they’ve been holding up.

In this neck of the woods, we can tell you that the gyms were not meant to be empty and it has been a very sad year (before now, we were able to open for only one week before we were back into lockdown), so we are incredibly grateful and overjoyed to be back and hearing all of the happiness from the kids as they get back into the gym!

It’s been incredible getting to reconnect with our gymnasts and welcome new ones on board! All of our COVID safety procedures are in place and working beautifully. Thank you all for diving right in, for using our QR codes, dropping kids off at the door and waiting patiently to collect them at the end class. There is certainly plenty for all of us to learn as we find our way forwards in this new time…

Some of the most special moments have been watching the kids get to reconnect with their gymnastics friends, or supporting new kids as they find their footing within the class. There are the endless stories that we know our coaches have been missing, and are grateful to get to hear once again! We have parents with brand new little babies finding an entire network of parents to share stories with and seek advice from. We can feel these bonds all coming back, and it is such a relief to have a few weeks in the gym before the holidays.

We know this time comes with new freedom and also new challenges. It’s tricky to find a balance between what you’ve attained during lockdown and what you’d like to get back to from pre-COVID days. Finding our way through a global pandemic is likely a challenge none of us expected in our lifetime, and yet here we are. Thank you for supporting Twisters throughout this time, for sending postcards to your coaches, for writing in with kind comments, and letting us know your favourite things about our online classes and Double Bubbles. Your kindness has been felt by the entire team and we couldn’t have done this without you.

Now, let’s get back to gymnastics!

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