May 2024 Newsletter


Northcote Car Park Reminder
A quick reminder to please only park in our marked Twisters car spaces.
Our undercroft is a drop off/pick up zone only, for after school and weekend hours. Now that the cold, darker weather is in full swing, please consider your fellow Twisters attendees by using the drop off/pick up zone wisely so that everyone can be dropped off close to the door. If you intend to stay for longer than 5-minutes we kindly ask that you find a spot for your car outside of the undercroft, or park on Beavers Road, or surrounding streets. During our daytime Tiny Tornadoes classes, parents are welcome to park in the undercroft car spots.
We really appreciate your help with this!

Congratulations are in order!
Congratulations to the following coaches for levelling up in our in-house education program this month! We appreciate your dedication to your learning and look forward to you striving for the next level!
Amelia Speairs, Amelie Sandilands, Aoife Moloney, Bella O’Dwyer, Bonita Rathgen , Bridgit Albers, Cara Gibson, Erica De Brincat, Erica Esten, Finn Montagnana-Wallace, Hanna Nestor, Hannah Coghlan Rennie, Hava Marcelin-Moura, Isaac Macaulay, Isla Guerin, Jack Sharp, Louisa Neill, Maia Brett, Myrina Roussos, Natasha Went, Olivia Capes, Phoebe Surman, and Suki Murray!

That’s a wrap on our mid-year progress checks!
Mid-year progress checks will conclude on Sunday, June 2nd. Once progress checks have concluded you will be able to check your child’s results! When checking results, keep in mind that we only work on half the skills during this mid-year progress checks and the other half will be worked on at the end of the year.

Now, how do I check my child’s results? Simply follow the steps below…

• Login to your Parent Portal account.

• Go to My Account, then Students.

• Click, Evaluations, then onto the respective level, for example, beginner.

• Work through each skill area – floor, beam, bars, and so on, placing a sticker onto your poster for each yellow star displayed on the Portal. For example, there is a yellow star highlighted next to Bunny Hop. Fantastic! This means that your child has passed that skill and needs a stick next to that skill on their poster!

I don’t have a poster or stickers?
If your coach hasn’t presented you with a poster or stickers yet, please head to the front desk so that we can help! Alternatively, ask your coach at the end of class.

How long will it take for my child to pass their skill level?
During each progress check period, kids are working towards approximately half of their colour level skills. For beginners, we expect that it will take kids a year to complete the skill level. For intermediate a year, to a year and a half. For advanced, we expect it to take a year and a half to two years to accomplish all skills on their poster.

How often will my child complete progress checks?
Progress checks occur twice a year, mid-year, and end-of-year. For dates, please head to our website where we always keep them up to date!

My child has achieved all the skills on their poster, now what?
Well first of all, congratulations to your awesome gymnast or ninja who has passed all their skills! This is a huge achievement! What happens next is simple: your coach will get you a new poster for the next colour skill level, and a pin to mark the achievement of passing their current skill level!

Congratulations Darby!
Congratulations to former Twisters gymnast, Darby Weston, for making the Victorian Gymnastics team and competing at the Australian Gymnastics Competition earlier this month. Darby won gold on level 8 bars, and a team silver with the Victorian team! Darby was a gymnast with Twisters from the age of 4 until she was 11 and an ALP 6 gymnast, when Darby’s family made the move to another area. Darby was a regular for staff training workshops and features heavily in our education videos, so is well known by everyone at Twisters. Darby, you should be very proud of your achievement – you have worked incredibly hard over the years. We all send our best wishes and heartfelt congratulations your way!
Look out for more on Darby in our socials next week.

Darby kneeling in the middle row, fourth from the left

Important Dates
👉 June 3rd | Monthly membership fees will be charged
👉 June 3rd | Make up Progress Check sessions available for booking
👉 June 10th | Public Holiday

* If you ever need to check important dates to pop into your calendar or to plan accordingly, you can find those on our website, here.

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our Gymnasts of the Month!

Northcote GoM | Lana

Here is why Coach Rachel nominated Lana…
I nominated Lana for Gymnast of the Month because of her ongoing positive attitude towards gymnastics and her kindness towards other gymnasts in our class! She shows new gymnasts what to do if they are unsure and makes sure that they feel comfortable. She is always listening and showing initiative by asking for feedback from her coaches. She always brings a bright smile to gymnastics and is working really hard on her handstands and cartwheels. Keep up the great work Lana!

When did you start gymnastics? Last year!
What is your favourite thing about gym? The tumble track
Do you do any other activities? Swimming
What is your favourite food? Lebanese food
Favourite gymnastics skill? Handstands and cartwheels
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Cartwheels and handstands
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? To be a stretchy gymnast
What do you want to be when you are older? A pop star and a hairstylist

Showgrounds GoM | Alison

Here is why Coach Bonita nominated Alison…
I’ve nominated Alison for Gymnast of the Month due to her incredible attitude and dedication towards gymnastics, which puts a smile on everyone’s face. Alison is always up for a challenge and has so much initiative which is great to see! She has made amazing progress on her chin up pullovers and advancing towards her aerial which is terrific. Amazing effort Alison!

When did you start gymnastics? When I was 5 or 6
What is your favourite thing about gym? Chin up pullovers
Do you do any other activities? I code and I practise flute
What is your favourite movie? Miraculous
What is your favourite food? Pizza
Favourite gymnastics skill? Practising the splits
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? An aerial!
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Time travel
What do you want to be when you are older? A gymnast!

Torquay GoM | Ivy

Here is why Coach Evelyn nominated Ivy…
I have chosen Ivy for Gymnast of the Month not only because she is an incredible gymnast, but also because she puts her all into every class. She is always attempting new skills, even if she worries that she can’t do them. Ivy never hesitates to help out her classmates and always listens carefully when I am explaining activities or providing feedback. She is an amazing student to have in class and is well deserving of Gymnast of the Month.

When did you start gymnastics? I don’t know
What is your favourite thing about gym? That we go to different zones every time
Do you do any other activities? Nope!
What is your favourite movie? Wish
What is your favourite food? Mango
Favourite gymnastics skill? Handstands
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Backflips
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Ice power
What do you want to be when you are older? A vet!

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