Mid-Year Testing
Testing has been delayed for a second time, and has now been rescheduled for Monday 9th August to Sunday 22nd August. Thank you all for your patience and continued understanding with these delays.
Testing happens during class so you don’t need to do anything special during this time, we just ask that you ensure you arrive on time and ready to go!
After testing has concluded, you’ll be able to check your child’s results. How?
• Login to your Parent Portal account.
• Go to My Account, then Students.
• Click, Evaluations, then onto the respective level, for example, beginner.
• Work through each skill area, floor, beam, bars, etc. For example, FL1 – Bunny jump, if you notice a yellow star highlighted by the skill, this means your child has passed that skill and needs a sticker on their poster.

👉 Why has my child only passed a few skills?
Our testing runs over 2-weeks during regular classes, if your child was away for one of these weeks and didn’t do a makeup class within these 2-weeks unfortunately they have missed out on some of their testing. Don’t worry! Your child will be tested again at the end of the year and we also offer extra testing weeks during the school holidays. 

👉 I don’t have a poster?
If you have not received a poster, please head to the front desk so that we can provide you with a poster and stickers. 

👉 How many times does my child get tested?
Testing occurs twice a year, during term 2 and term 4.
For testing dates and other important dates, please head to this link

👉 How long will it take for my child to pass their skill level?
During each testing period, kids are working towards approximately half of their colour level skills. For beginners, we expect that it will take kids between a year, and a year and a half, to complete the skill level. For intermediate a year and a half, to two. For advanced, we expect it to take at least two years to accomplish all skills on their poster.

👉 My child has achieved all the skills on their poster, now what?
Well first of all, congratulations to your awesome gymnast who has passed all their skills! This is a huge achievement! What happens next is simple, your coach will get you a new poster for the next skill level, and a badge to mark the achievement of passing their current skill level!

👉 How does the in-class testing work?
You will notice 2 coaches on the majority of classes. One coach is responsible for keeping the class running and the other coach will be testing each child individually. The lesson plans have been written to include all the testing skills throughout the gym, scattered across the different zones. Not every single station in each zone is a testing station. Your child will have the opportunity to test every skill within the 2 week testing period.

No Spectators
Unfortunately at this time parents, grandparents and siblings are not permitted to stay and watch their child’s class. Please give your child a hug and send them in the front door, then return to pick them up from the front door at the end of class. Your children are safe and under fantastic care at Twisters.
We want to thank all of our wonderful members in advance for your patience and understanding while we work under these restrictions. We will let you know as soon as anything changes in this department.
* For parents required to attend class with their child in one of our 2-3 year old sessions, or OpenGym sessions, you are still allowed to attend with your child. You will be required to sign in using our QR code each time you attend, you’ll need to wear a mask and respect social distancing during your session.

Special Olympics Partnership 
Twisters is helping Croxton Special School run a program for the kids called ‘Special Olympics’. Coaches Lauren, Lisa, Amelia and Edie will be running the sessions for the kids’ at the school. The program will run for 6-8weeks in term 4 and will keep the kids active and moving! We are very excited to be able to help Croxton school facilitate this program!

QR Code Reminder 
It is absolutely imperative that if you are entering our venue for absolutely any reason, you must check-in yourself using the QR codes located in our seating areas. The most recent outbreak is a stark reminder that this isn’t over yet. Please make sure you are signing yourself in using the QR code so that we can continue to keep everyone safe in our facilities. 

Big Changes to Make-Up Tokens 
We have made some changes to our make-up tokens and classes and we are very excited to be able to offer these options for our families!
👉 Make-up tokens will no longer have an expiry date and can be utilised at any time throughout the year!
👉 We are designing some incredibly fun, high-energy 1 and 1.4-hour workshops which will each have a specific focus (for example, handstands, somersaults, back flips), you will be able to use your makeup tokens towards these workshops! Options will be announced soon, please stay tuned…
👉 You can now use your makeup tokens to redeem days at holiday programs and holiday workshops! Tokens will be matched hour for hour (for example, 3hr workshop = 3 tokens, half day program = 5 tokens, full day program = 8 tokens. The September program is already on the website and we are taking bookings. Get in touch with our office so we can get you booked in straight away!
👉 While we encourage you to book make-up classes through the app, if you are finding that you cannot find a class for your child (we are very busy in some age group), there is sometimes a solution that we can find you from the back end, so we encourage you to get in touch with us or come to the front desk. We have a lot of full classes across the week which can make finding make-up spots difficult. We’d like to remind parents, if you know you are away for a class, please mark yourself absent through the Parent Portal via the ‘Future Absences’ section. If we know your child is away for the week, we are able to slot kids in for a make-up lesson.
👉 Our customer service team is ready to help you use the benefits of your continued membership with us. We want families to be able to get their children back into sport, learning new skills, and spending time with friends!

Gymnastics Competitions
Our competitive gymnasts have had a tough 18 months. They were unable to compete in any competitions in 2020 and so far in 2021, many events have been canceled due to lockdowns.
These gymnasts continue to work hard on their routines, which is a good thing as competitions are happening as soon as next week. With such interrupted training, we want to give a shout-out to all of our competitive athletes and tell you how proud we are of your determination. They are wonderful role models and we will give an update in the next newsletter on some of the results… 👏🤸🏽‍♀️🤩

Membership Packs 
New members in 2021,  if you haven’t already collected your membership bag and t-shirt from the front desk, please come and see us. Our membership packs were handed out to kids’ in the first few weeks of 2020 (prior to our March shutdown). We have lots of t-shirts and bags available and so we have been gifting them to our new 2021 members. If you would like one, please head to the front desk so that we can organise this for you. The t-shirt sizes that we have left are 2s, 4s, 6s, 8s, and 10s.
Our new 2022 design is currently being finalised for all of our members, so get excited!

New Victorian Child Safe Standards were announced on July 1st. While the new standards won’t come into effect until July 1st, 2022, Twisters is already working our way through our policies, procedures and staff education to ensure that we’re keeping our gymnasts as safe as possible now.If you would like to read about these changes, you can visit the Commission for Child and Young People’s website here.

Important Dates
👉 August fees charged on Monday, August 2nd
👉 Badge & Stars Testing [rescheduled, again!] from Monday, August 9th to Sunday, August 22nd

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our July Gymnasts of the Month!

Northcote July GoM | Hannah

Here is what coach Edie had to say…
Hannah is a positive and enthusiastic member of her gymnastics class. Hannah is always welcoming to new classmates, chatting to them or showing them how to complete activities that they’re unsure of. Hannah is also happy to explain activities to all members of class and is able to offer advice for skills that classmates are struggling with… perhaps one day Hannah will be a gymnastics coach herself!
Hannahs love for gymnastics is obvious in the way she participates in class through active listening and taking on corrections. Hannahs love for gym also shows through her perseverance and willingness to learn skills in and outside of class.
Well done, keep up the great work!

When did you start gymnastics?  2019
What is your favourite thing about gym? Foam pit
Do you do any other activities?  Swimming
What is your favourite movie? Spirit Untamed
What is your favourite food?  Meat pie
Favourite gymnastics skill?  Split jump
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Improve handstand
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?  Teleportation
What do you want to be when you are older?  Not sure yet

Northcote July GoM | Florence

This is what coach Michelle had to say…
I nominated Florence for gymnast of the month as she arrives to class early and always with a smile on her face. Florence is an exceptional listener and patiently waits for her turn whenever fellow gymnasts are still completing their activities. 
Florence is clearly a passionate gymnast. Florence works very hard to achieve a new skill, always focused and engaged with what she is doing. 
At a very young age, I can tell that Florence likes to do skills perfectly. If Florence is struggling with a skill or falls off the beam she will always get back up, go to the beginning, and try again! Keep up the great work!

When did you start gymnastics?  2021
What is your favourite thing about gym? Trampoline
Do you do any other activities?  Swimming
What is your favourite movie? Frozen
What is your favourite food?  Grapes
Favourite gymnastics skill?  Jumping on the trampoline
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Cartwheel 

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