Sunday Front Desk at Northcote
Our Northcote front desk will be unattended on Sundays for the next 3-months as our regular front desk team member, Tilly, is starting her footy season. Once her footy season is over, you’ll see Tilly’s smiling face back at the front desk!

Class Closures
Did you know classes run all year round at Showgrounds? You heard that right! Gymnastics is on every week so the kids can burn their energy, even throughout school holidays! That being said, we do close for public holidays. If you’re ever unsure of our closure dates please visit our Important Dates page on the website. For Northcote, we break for the first week of each school holidays, and the second week run our classes as per usual.

Absences and Make-up Lessons
We have a lot of full classes across the week which can make finding make-up spots difficult. We’d like to remind parents, if you know you are away for a class, please mark yourself absent through the Parent Portal via the ‘Future Absences’ section. If we know your child is away for the week, we are able to slot kids in for a make-up lesson.Which reminds us, don’t forget you can also book in your makeup lessons through the Parent Portal under the ‘Makeups’ section.

Spectator Density Limits
Thankfully there has been some relaxing of density limits for spectators at indoor facilities! At this point, we can have 16 parents on the mezzanine and 12 parents in the foyer area at Northcote and 12 in the foyer at Showgrounds. We have our fingers crossed that it’s not too much longer and these restrictions will ease even further. While these restrictions are in place, we are asking that parents of the first few classes of each day to only come in and stay to watch every few weeks, that way every parent has a fair go at getting to watch their child occasionally.

Lost Property
Every month we end up with hundreds of lost drink bottles, clothing and other items. Our lost property buckets are emptied out on the 1st of the month. If you’ve lost something, please contact us and we can put it aside for you to collect.

Car Parking at Northcote
During our daytime Tiny Tornadoes classes, parents are welcome to park in the undercroft car spots (the undercroft is a pick up/drop off zone after school hours, during our peak times). Lately we’ve noticed more Tinies families arriving much earlier than their class time (15-20 minutes) to find a car spot. Please keep in mind that we purposely schedule our class times with a 10-minute gap between sessions so that cars will be vacating, as you arrive.For families new to Twisters, please only park in our marked purple Twisters car spaces and not in any other businesses along the driveway. Our undercroft is a drop off/pick up zone only, for after school and weekend hours, to keep traffic moving. If you intend to stay for longer than 5-minutes, you’ll need to find a car spot outside of the undercroft or park on Beavers Road and walk into the gym. We appreciate your help with this! 

Badge & Stars and NinjaGym Testing
It is coming up to our testing fortnight (starts May 24th). Every Badge & Stars and NinjaGym member will have already, or will soon receive your colour skills poster and stickers. This poster is a list of skills that your child will be tested on during 2021 (half in term 2 and half in term 4).
Once testing has been completed you’ll be able to log into the Parent Portal and see the skills your child has completed. You’ll also be able to use the app for this, but we’ll provide instructions for that in our May newsletter.
If you would like to see a video example of the skill (we know these gymnastics names can be tricky), you’ll click on the skill, then the drop-down arrow and it will bring up a link for you to follow. They’ll all be there for Badge & Stars, and we are working our way through NinjaGym, they’ll all be up soon!
We encourage kids to proudly display their poster and place the stars on their passed skills so that both you and your child can see how they are progressing!

Gymnastics Australia Child Protection Courses
All staff are required to complete two mandatory Gymnastics Australia courses when they initially start at Twisters (or refresh their knowledge on these courses when a new one is released). These courses are solely focused on child safety and protection. Some of the information covered is how to communicate with kids who reach out to coaches about their safety, or say something that triggers a concern. Staff learn what to do if they suspect a child is in danger, how to report the concern within Twisters and, if necessary, with the proper authorities, and much more. Twisters is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of all children and young people and has zero-tolerance for child abuse which includes anything that compromises the health and well-being of children.

Important Dates
👉 May fees charged on Monday, May 3rd
👉 Badge & Stars Testing | Monday, May 24th to Sunday, June 6th

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our April Gymnasts of the Month!

Northcote April GoM | Honor

Here is what Coach Julia had to say…
I’ve only had the pleasure of coaching Honor for 8 weeks since the beginning of term 1. In this short time, the growth in Honor’s skills and her mindset has been tremendous! Honor is a wonderful, thoughtful, and skilled gymnast who always puts her full effort into each class.
Honor’s confidence has increased dramatically which has allowed her to excel with new skills. We have been working hard on handstands, roundoffs, and handsprings and Honor has great shapes and technique!
Honor should be very proud of herself and her achievements!

When did you start gymnastics? 4
What is your favourite thing about gym? Flipping
Do you do any other activities? Tennis and Basketball
What is your favourite movie? Harry Potter
What is your favourite food? Pasta
Favourite gymnastics skill? Front flip into the foam pit
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Front flip on floor
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? To fly
What do you want to be when you are older? Zookeeper

Showgrounds April GoM | Phoebe

Here is what coach Caylie had to say…
Phoebe is a role model for other kids in the class. She is a wonderful listener, keen to try new things and helps her fellow gymnasts. Phoebe isn’t afraid to ask questions when she needs to and always has a funny story to share! Phoebe is very confident and her bright personality keeps me laughing throughout the class. She loves to do forward rolls and is getting better the more she practises!
Phoebe’s love for gymnastics shines through every time she steps into the gym and I hope to see her continue for a long time! Well done Phoebe!

When did you start gymnastics?  This year
What is your favourite thing about gym? Trampoline
Do you do any other activities?  Swimming and athletics
What is your favourite movie? Barbie
What is your favourite food?  Spaghetti, chocolate and jelly beans
Favourite gymnastics skill?  Forward rolls
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Everything!
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?  Be a mermaid
What do you want to be when you are older?  Gymnastics coach like Caylie

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