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Tiny Tornadoes Program

Twisters Gymnastics Tiny Tornadoes classes incorporate the earliest aspects of physical fitness, motor development, hand eye coordination, strength and flexibility. Activities include; learning basic jumps on the trampoline, climbing through obstacle courses, learning basic stretches and body positions, and learning basic gymnastics skills on equipment specifically designed for small children.

Gymnastics is one of the best sports for children to be involved in; along with developing your child’s gymnastics skills and physical fitness Twisters Tiny Tornadoes classes build a strong foundation for your child to develop discipline, a sense of athletic achievement, self esteem and social skills which will last a lifetime.

If the live timetable doesn’t appear on your screen, please click here. Once you’ve filled out the necessary registration information you’ll be able to view classes appropriate for your child.


As our classes are continuous, when you register, including for a trial, you’ll automatically be booked into the next available class. Please ensure that you book from the week you would like to commence classes as you cannot book into a class for a future date.

For 2/3 year old parent assisted classes, parents need to be actively involved with their child.  Infant siblings may be carried in a front-pack, as long as your arms are free and you can still actively assist your child.  Other siblings, who are not participating in their own class, are not permitted in the gym and alternative babysitting arrangements will need to be made.  We understand that some children will be attending with a guardian; this guardian must be willing and able to participate.

For children between the ages of 6-months to 2.5-years, please see our Teeny Tiny Tornadoes program page.

Interested in our Tiny Tornadoes 2/3-year-old un-parented classes?

These classes are offered for parents, grandparents or guardians who are unable or would prefer not to participate with their little one. The coach to child ratio in these classes is much lower, so that the coach is able to assist all children within the class.

The framework and lesson plans are the same as our regular Tiny Tornadoes classes, however, the demands on the coach are high than in a parent assisted session, therefore the cost is $23 per class.

* Twisters may recommend that a child continue to attend a parent-assisted class, as one-on-one assistance may be required.