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How do I book into a class?
All bookings are done through our website. You can find the most appropriate program for your child by using our Class Finder. Once you’ve found your desired program and had a look through the program timetable, select the ‘Register’ button for the class you’d like to join and fill out our registration form.

As you’re filling out the registration form you will have the option to select ‘Trial’ for your child’s first class if you would prefer. When finished you will receive a confirmation directly from our system and a more thorough confirmation from our Office Manager which will provide you more details regarding your first day at Twisters.

When filling out the registration form you will be required to enter your credit card details. Your card will not be charged until the time our Office Manager provides in your confirmation email.

Happy booking!

Can we trial a class before committing?
Absolutely! We allow one trial class before your child commits to enrolling with us. Once your child has completed their trial, you only need to let our office know if you don’t intend to keep them enrolled in class, in which case only the trial fee (the amount of one class) will be charged. Otherwise, your monthly membership will begin and you’re sorted! To book in for a trial, click here. Confirmation will be sent to you once our office has received your request.

What class should I choose?
We run a multitude of classes at Twisters. Our Badge & Stars Program is by far our most heavily populated program running up to 4 classes within each time slot, broken down into age groups and further into skill levels. If your child is a beginner they will need to start in a beginners class until it’s deemed appropriate for them to move. You can make a request to be in a class with a friend but it won’t always be appropriate based on the above considerations.

Our Badge & Stars classes cater for boys aged 4 – 7 years of age and girls aged 4 – 14 years. Twisters does not offer classes for boys aged 8 and up, who will need to seek a club that runs boys specific programs to cater for them. We welcome boys, who are aged 8 and up, into our tumbling classes. You can find more information by visiting our Tumbling Program page.

The Tiny Tornadoes Program offers classes, during the day, for girls and boys aged 2 – 5 years of age. Or if your child is between the age of 6-months and 2.5-years you can visit our Teeny Tiny Tornadoes page.

How do I go about cancelling my child’s membership?
No worries, you can drop out of your enrolled class at any time. We require 14-days’ notice, which must be given in writing, either by email to admin@twistersgym.com.au, or by filling out a Membership Cancellation Form at our front desk at either Northcote or Showgrounds.

Once this form, or your email has been received, you will get a confirmation via email of your child’s last class. After this date, provided your account has been paid in full (including the notice period) all payment details will be completely removed from our system.

Please note: our office is open Monday to Friday, apart from public holidays. If you request to cancel your child’s enrolment after 2pm on a Friday, the cancellation will not be processed until the following Monday.

What should my child wear to class?
Anything comfortable. Most children will wear a t-shirt or singlet with shorts. Of course if your child has a leotard and would like to wear that, they’re more than welcome! Shoes are not required as the children participate in bare feet. Hair should be tied back and jewellery should be removed before class. There are boxes provided just inside the gym so kids can store their extra clothes and shoes.

What is your make-up policy?
We allow children to participate in four make-up classes per year.  There are limited spaces for make up classes so please visit our Make-Up Classes page for additional information.

What do I do if I’m running late?
It is important to pick your child up from their class on time.

In the case that you are running late, please know that we will ensure your child remains in the foyer under the supervision of our front desk attendant. If our attendant needs to leave the gym for any reason, they will ensure that your child remains inside the gym under the watchful eye of a senior coach until you arrive.

Unfortunately our front desk attendant cannot always attend to calls as they need to make themselves available to those customers standing in front of them. If you’re running late, don’t worry about calling us, if you’re more than 10 minutes late, we will follow up with you.

Does Twisters close during public holidays?
Yes, Twisters closes for all public holidays – you can find these dates here. Apart from the dates listed on the Term Dates page we are open and classes or holiday programs will be running as per usual.

My preferred class time is full, how do your wait lists work?
It’s hard to say when a spot will become available; sometimes a day, sometimes months, so if your preferred class time is full we would recommend booking into a class with availability and placing your child on a wait list for your ideal class time. We monitor our wait lists daily, and are constantly watching for a spot for you. If there isn’t a time that suits you, you’re welcome to wait list for as many class times that would work with your schedule. The first person on the wait list will be the first offered a spot, when it becomes available. Once a place becomes available for your child you will receive both a call and an email from our office. You will have 48-hours to respond to let us know whether or not you would like to take up the place. If we don’t hear from you we will offer the spot to the next person on the wait list or open the spot to the public.

Class openings depend on students transferring out of the class, for any number of reasons, to make space for new gymnasts, therefore we are unable to give an estimate on when the list will move. We recommend to check your junk mail and keep an eye on voicemails to ensure you don’t miss our contact attempts. It’s important to understand that you aren’t charged anything to remain on a wait list, however, if you choose not to take a spot when it’s offered to you, your child will then be moved to the bottom of the list for the class that was offered.

If you have any additional questions regarding our wait lists and how they work our office is happy to help on admin@twistersgym.com.au or 9489 1100.

Are your coaches accredited?
All of our coaches either possess or are working towards their coaching accreditation from Gymnastics Australia. All of our senior coaches have a vast level of experience and knowledge within the sport from years of learning at various clubs. Twisters holds regular training workshops for our coaches and also sends them to sessions at Gymnastics Victoria’s annual coaching conference.

I would love to stay and watch, is this allowed?
Of course! Parents are welcome to view classes at any time. We have a viewing area located upstairs on our mezzanine, providing great views across the gym. Any children waiting for siblings or friends, who are not participating in a class, must remain outside the gym in parent areas and be supervised by an adult at all times. There is an enclosed toddler play area on the mezzanine floor to help parents keep little ones entertained. You also have access to the Merri Creek trail and a playground just down the road!

Can I request a specific teacher/group for my child’s class?
These requests are welcome, however, due to the progressive nature of the sport, class availability, child’s age, child’s skill level and in an effort to maximise safety, we cannot guarantee request fulfilment.  Please also understand that the availability of our coaches may change from term to term and year to year. All of our coaches will deliver the appropriate Twisters lesson plan for that class.

My child wants to participate in the competitive group, how can this be arranged?
Our competitive gymnastics streams are filled by selection only. Our coaches are constantly watching for gymnasts who portray the skills to move into a more advanced group. The head coach will be notified and will assess the child in their current class so that they aren’t alarmed or feel any additional pressure. From here a number of factors are considered before being taken any further:

  • How all skills are presented, right down to strength, landings, shapes etc.
  • The child’s attitude, perseverance and dedication during their class for skills that are easy or more challenging.
  • Theirs and their parents communication with the coach, fellow gymnasts and others.
  • The athletes and parents respect of the club and our processes.

If our head coach feels that a more advanced class should be considered, you will be contacted by phone. It is a big decision to move a child into one of these classes; they are a big commitment both financially and time wise, so there is plenty to consider. If you have any additional questions feel free to get in touch with us on admin@twistersgym.com.au.