We are offering a select number of days where children who missed our end of year testing can come in and still complete their testing.

The day will start at 10am sharp; children will be split up into groups that correspond with their skill level.
The coach will then take the kids around the gym so that they can attempt the skill necessary for them to pass their current badge colour.

IMPORTANT: your child needs to bring their current skill level poster with them on the day so that the coach knows exactly what skills your child needs in order to pass.
As with regular testing there is no guarantee that your child will pass their current skill level during this make up session; coaches will still mark skills as attempted or as a pass.

The cost is $30 per session. You will be charged within 24-hours after you have booked in, please ensure that the funds are available on your nominated credit card for processing.
Administrative costs will apply the same as your regular direct debits each month. After a third attempt at collecting payment, your child will forfeit their spot in the make up session.