Unfortunately, for the time being, Twisters doors are closed.

But, we will be offering unlimited Zoom Sessions for only $10 per week!
During this second COVID-19 Stage 3 Lockdown we are very pleased to offer unlimited Zoom Sessions for only $10 per week!
Classes will range from beginners to intermediates, yoga, cheerleading, NinjaGym, strength and so much more! We are very excited to be able to offer these sessions to keep your gymnasts busy at home!
Simply click your location below to take a look at what’s on offer and book into as many sessions as you’d like.
You do not have to be a Twisters member to book into these sessions, so make sure to tell your friends!

We are very happy to re-open our doors after a three month closure, thanks to the easing of restrictions. The reopening will be slow and steady, safe and sensible, in accordance with everything outlined by the Australian Government, Victorian Government, SportAus and Gymnastics Australia.

So, what are we doing to keep our gymnasts safe?
Although the government has just changed it stance on physical distancing for sport and it is no longer required for children. Our classes are naturally well designed for physical distancing, even prior to coronavirus.  There are no less than seven separate activities in each zone, and each child will repeat their individual activity, until the coach calls the class to Stop & Swap, then they will proceed to the next activity.  We have worked through all of our lesson plans to remove any partnered activities, any activities that work too closely.  There will be coloured dots placed all around the gym, particularly the warm-up floor, to help the kids and coaches to maintain their 1.5m spacings.

Further to activities, we will also be instating the following:

  • All children will wash their hands with soap and water, upon arriving at the gym.
  • Children will need to carry their own drink bottle with them between zones and activities. Children will not be permitted to drink from the water fountain, and will only be available to refill drink bottles.
  • All children will all be asked to wash their hands with soap and water again at the end of their class.
  • Coaches will wash their hands at the same times that the children do, or they will regularly use the hand-sanitiser provided at various points around the gym and within their new Twisters bum-bag/safety kit.
  • We will have a COVID Safety Officer on that is responsible for helping the kids to move in and out of the facility safely, and to clean behind the coaches as they move through the zones.
What restrictions are in place for parents?
Due to the restricted numbers permitted within our gyms, parents, siblings and grandparents are unable to stay and watch their child’s class (please note that grandparents are discouraged from attending sports premises, to participate, or for drop-off/pick-up, due to the increased health risk to the elderly).  Please give your child a hug and send them in the front door, then return to pick them up from the front door, at the end of class.  Your kids are safe and under fantastic care with us at Twisters.
Thank you for being patient with us, we are working very hard to make the necessary changes to our schedule and putting every effort in to ensure that our gymnasts, and staff, are safe.


When children arrive:

  • They will wave goodbye to their parents at the door.
  • Coaches will make sure they take any gear they have and place it in the lockers, apart from their water bottle which will stick with them throughout class.
  • From here, it’s straight upstairs to the mezzanine to wash their hands (in our brand new sinks!) and then wait for the slide.
  • Parents can pick up their gymnast from the foyer at the end of class.
Important reminders:
  • If a parent MUST stay we have a limited number of people allowed in our parent spaces. The foyer is limited to 6 persons at any one time, and the mezzanine is 8.
  • We will be running classes right through the July school holidays to try and get kids back into the swing of things!


When children arrive:

  • They will wave goodbye to their parents at the door.
  • From here, they’ll wait on a chair in the foyer for a coach to call them through the gate.
  • They’ll head straight down to wash their hands alongside our warm-up coach before class.
  • When class has finished, everyone will wash their hands again, before getting their duds on and being brought out to be picked up by their parent.

Important reminders:

  • If a parent MUST stay we have a limited number of people allowed in our foyer, we are limited to 6 persons at any one time.