Dear Twisters families,

We have a couple of big announcements for 2024!  
Based on your feedback, we have made these changes to improve your member experience.

No Phones
From the beginning of 2024, you will not be able to call us at Twisters.

We understand your frustrations, with not being able to get through to us immediately, having to leave recorded messages and waiting for a call back.  We understand the frustrations of playing phone tennis for hours, or sometimes days, and not being able to resolve your query promptly.  We have felt the frustration too.

We strongly encourage all member families to download and use the iClassPro App, which is very easy to use and has the features that you need; from marking your child absent, scheduling makeup classes, to checking on your child’s skill progress, or requesting a transfer of your child’s class, updating your credit card details and much more.

Our administration staff, who are so often tied down playing phone tennis, will now have the freedom to serve you much better, in person at your Twisters gym, or via other more reliable, prompt and accurate communication methods;  online chatemailFacebook, and Instagram.

Make-Up Tokens
We also understand your frustration with not being able to find a suitable time/class to use your child’s make-up tokens.  

So often our classes are fully enrolled, which does not allow for kids to book in for make-up classes.  Then, when one or two of the children enrolled in the class do not turn up, without posting a future absence, an opportunity for others to participate in a make-up class, is missed.  Ideally, the best result for your child’s continued progress, is to attend all of their enrolled classes.

From the beginning of 2024 and into the future, we want to ensure there are as many of these absentee spots available, as possible.  
Parents will need to use the iClassPro app, to mark their child as a future absence (that is prior to the beginning of the class), if they wish to be allocated a make-up token for their child’s missed class.  Absence without notification prior to the beginning of the class, will result in your child being marked as absent by the coach, but a make-up token will not be issued.

So, if you have missed a class and want to use your make-up token, there will be greatly increased opportunity, right across the program.  We can all help one another.

Our Member Experience staff are ready to help you to download and navigate your way through the App, if you would like some help when you are next in at Twisters.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us through the online communication methods, if you have any queries.

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