Our coaches are here to help!
Our wonderful instructors here at Twisters are always happy to speak to you pre/post class. If you ever have any questions or specific requests regarding your child, please don’t hesitate to approach your coach. Just remember to request their help before or after class has concluded, not during.

Did you know…
Did you know that you’re able to mark your child absent from a class using our iClass Pro app?
We experience a high volume of calls and more often than not, the requests are doable via the app. Using the app is handy to process your requests in a timely manner, rather than trying to reach us via phone. 

If you haven’t already, you can download the iClassPro App from your app store and get started right away! Make sure you search for ‘The iClassPro App’, then once downloaded, ensure you enter the correct organisation name, which is ‘twistersgym’ (it needs to be spelled out exactly like this, otherwise you may end up at a Twisters in Canada).

Once you’re logged in, you can follow these simple steps to mark your child absent:
• Head to account, then click on the students name you’re marking absent 
• Click on future absences, from here you can enter as many absences as required by date
• Finally, to ensure you complete the process, simply press submit.

Northcote Carpark Reminder
A quick reminder to please only park in our marked Twisters car spaces and not in any other businesses along the driveway. Our undercroft is a drop off/pick up zone only, for after school and weekend hours, to keep traffic moving. If you intend to stay for longer than 5-minutes, you’ll need to find a spot for your car outside of the undercroft or park on Beavers Road or surrounding streets and walk into the gym. We really appreciate your help with this!

Home stretch!
Term 4 is fast approaching, and with this comes end of year skills testing!

This is our first gentle reminder that students that were enrolled in term 2 will be tested on their remaining skills in term 4. Some exciting times ahead, as many students will be collecting their next colour skill level nearing the end of this year.

Any student that is newer to our system, and/or yet to complete testing, will experience their first round of skills testing this term. A wonderful time for students to tick off many of the skills they have been working hard to learn throughout the second half of this year. Keep those star stickers handy!

iClassPro App
We have a wonderful, easy to use app for parents! The iClass Pro app allows parents to book in make-up classes, mark their child absent, request to transfer their class and book into holiday programs. If you haven’t already, you can download the iClassPro App from your app store and get started right away!
📲 Make sure you search for exactly that – ‘the iClassPro app’.
📲 Then, and this is very important, ensure you put in the correct organisation name, which is ‘twistersgym’ – all lower case and no spaces. You’ll know you’re in the right place because the landing page is purple (if the landing page is red, you’re trying to get into the Canadian Twisters).
📲 Lastly, you just need to pop in your Parent Portal details and you’re set!

Important Dates
👉 September 25th | classes begin again at Northcote
👉 September 29th | Grand Final Day, all three venues and our office will be closed
👉 October 2nd | monthly membership fees will be charged

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our September Gymnasts of the Month!

Torquay GoM | Austin

Here is why Coach Grace nominated Austin…
Austin comes to each lesson full of energy and ready to try all his skills! He always has the biggest smile and gives everything a go! As well as this Austin always makes sure to think of the people around him and you will often see him handing the person in line behind him the equipment he is using so they can have a go! Great work Austin!!

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