End-of-Year Testing Reminder
Our end of year testing is underway – conducted between Monday 20th November to Sunday 3rd December.

We’ve had parents asking what they need to do to best prepare their child for testing. The honest answer? Nothing!

Apart from bringing your child to both of their classes during our testing fortnights, there really is nothing else you need to do. They’ve spent months learning and practising the skills that they’ll be tested on, it all happens during their regular class, and truly should be a stress-free experience.

It’s simply an opportunity to check-in on their progress and celebrate the milestones they’ve hit here at Twisters through all their hard work!

If your child is nervous, please simply encourage them to come in and give everything a go, to try their best, and remind them that these skills are tricky! It might take a couple of go’s or even a little more work, and that’s OK!

Car Park Options in Summer!
A reminder to please not park in the loading bay, this space must remain open and accessible for our staff and required vehicles.

Now that we are finally starting to see some warmer weather, we’d also like to remind families that there is plenty of parking available on surrounding streets on Beavers Road side. The gym is easily accessible via a path, you can safely park on surrounding streets and walk into the gym to get some extra steps in and enjoy the sunshine… as well as avoiding the headache of finding a parking spot right outside the door!

Holiday Programs and Workshops
Yes, it is already that time of year… Our holiday program dates for December 2023 and January 2024 are open for bookings! You can take a look at the schedule and get yourself booked in on our website, here.

Missing a drink bottle?
We have recently noticed an increase in lost property, especially drink bottles, here at Northcote.This is a courtesy reminder to guardians to please take an extra moment to double check that your child has their belongings upon collection at the end of class.
We clean out our lost property at the commencement of each new month, we would love to see less drink bottles missing their homes!

Important Dates
👉 Monday 20th November to Sunday 3rd December | our end-of-year testing will take place during regular classes
👉 December 1st | monthly membership fees will be charged
👉 December 13th | our Annual Club Fee will be charged to hold your child’s spot for 2024
👉 December 17th | 2023 classes conclude
👉 January 8th | Showgrounds classes begin for 2024
👉 January 8th | January membership fees will be charged (1st business day of each month following)
👉 January 15th | Northcote and Torquay classes begin for 2024

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our Gymnasts of the Month!

Northcote GoM | Pepper

Here is why Coach Caylie nominated Pepper…
I nominated Pepper because she has come an incredibly long way since the beginning of the year. She has been in my class since January, and it has been amazing to watch her grow in her gymnastics, her social skills and her confidence. She went from running away almost every class and saying “I can’t”, to trying every challenge I give her and becoming a leader in her class, helping out her fellow gymnasts with what to do an activity, and keeping them in the train as we move to the next zone! Pepper has absolutely earned her spot on the Gymnast of the Month wall, and I hope to see her continue in the gym next year!

Torquay GoM | Zac

Here is why Coach Hamish nominated Zac…
I nominated Zac for Gymnast of the Month as he has been such an awesome gymnast to coach! He excels at so many skills, particularly with his handsprings and front flips. He is willing to have a go at anything, and will always try his very best in class. Zac is incredibly respectful, always encouraging his fellow classmates, it is lovely to see his kindness in class. He has been just amazing to teach, and brings a smile to my face every week!

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