Our Front Desks
Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been a lot of movement among our staff. As you can imagine, being in an industry that is the first to close and the last to open, we have seen staff looking for work that can give them more consistency during these hard times. At the moment we are not able to guarantee that there will always be someone at the front desk to answer your immediate query.
💬 If parents can please email or call the office Monday thru Friday between 8am – 3:30pm we can promptly help you, or will get back to you in a timely manner. Feel free to ask your coaches for help and they will endeavour to help answer your questions, although they might not always be able to. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this, we hope to see this settle as we head into 2022!

Christmas Retail Sale!
We are having a huge stock sale in our shop, right in time to find the perfect Christmas present for your gymnast or ninja! Prices are as marked, some styles up to 60% off! Our club styles will not display a price change on their tag, however our leotards, shorts, bags and t-shirts will have a 5% discount applied at checkout. Be quick, stock and sizes are limited — sale will wrap up on December 19th!

Vaccination rules and what they mean for Twisters…
Under the current government directions, anyone participating or spectating who is 12 years and over must be fully vaccinated in order to enter an indoor physical recreation facility such as Twisters. If your child is 12 years 2 months or older, and doing classes with us, please ensure they come to the front desk and show us their vaccination certificate so that we can place a note on their profile.
If your child has had one dose or is booked in for their first dose please have a conversation with us and we can manage their enrolment for you. Then when they’re fully vaccinated please provide us with their certificate and then they’re sorted!
💬 Our spectator viewing areas no longer have density limits! Parents are more than welcome to stay, but will need to show a Twisters staff member your vaccination certificate upon entry. 

Masks at Twisters
I’m sure you are all feeling the relief of not having to wear masks in every setting. Although it is no longer mandated for our coaches to wear masks, we take our lead from schools, and with masks remaining mandatory for teachers we feel it should remain for coaches. We are closely dealing with those in our community that are not able to access vaccinations and we are committed to making our facilities as safe as they possibly can be. So if you wonder why our coaches remain masked up, this is why! We also ask that parents who are coming out on the floor to work their child (mainly for children in our under 5 programs) to continue wearing a mask, please and thank you.

December Holiday Programs and Workshops
We still have some spots left in our holiday programs and workshops from December 20th to 23rd. They’re up on the website and open for bookings now!
Also, a friendly reminder that you can use your make-up tokens towards these programs, 1 token per hour. If you have a bank of make-up tokens you’d like to use, please get in touch with the office and we can help you get this organised! 

January Holiday Programs and Workshops   
We will be running full and half day holiday programs at Northcote in January 2022, from January 4th to 7th. Northcote classes start back on January 10th so from then on, we will only be running workshops.
Showgrounds (and soon to be Torquay) will be running 3 hour workshops from re-opening, and they are ready to be booked into now!

2022 Class Planning Update 
Planning for next year…
✏️ Tiny Tornadoes families, you have been emailed a Google form to fill out if your child needs an after school class for 2022. The deadline for this form is approaching quickly so please ensure you’ve filled it out.
✏️ For children who will need to move classes based on their age or skill level, we will be calling (and sending follow up emails) parents between now and the end of the year to ensure you get a class that suits your schedule. We look forward to chatting and getting something organised for you soon!
✏️ If you don’t receive a call or an email from us, it means your gymnast or ninja is perfectly fine to stay in their current class, no reason to move! However, if you need to move classes for personal reasons, we will have a period from December 6th to 19th where our classes are blocked off to non-Twisters members. That way you have a chance to move classes and lock in your preference for next year before they’re open to new bookings once again.

Farewell Amber, Hello Finlay
All of you have had contact with our Officer Manager Amber in one way or another — she’s the one answering your calls and responding to your emails. Well, she has decided it’s time for a career move and will be finishing up at Twisters early December. While we are sad to see her leave, the entire Twisters Team wish her the absolute best with this move and cannot wait to hear how she goes in this new career direction!
At the same time, we would like to announce that Finlay from our customer experience team will be stepping into the Office Manager role! We are so excited to see what she does with this opportunity… Congratulations Fin!

Child Safety Corner
You’ve maybe heard about our new program, SocialGym, which uses the same building blocks as our Badge & Stars program, as well as social games, with the aim to help special needs children, aged 7 to 12 get into gymnastics, while also helping to develop their social, emotion and problem solving skills to help build and maintain relationships while keeping fit.
It is another way that we are looking after all kids and giving children of all abilities an environment where they can learn, grow and achieve so much more than gymnastics. Coach Lauren has been working incredibly hard to bring this program together and is very passionate about ensuring it is inclusive for children of all abilities. We are really proud to be bringing this new program to the Twisters class line up!

Important Dates
👉 December 1st | December monthly fees 
👉 December 15th | 2022 Insurance/Registration – deposit charges 
👉 December 19th | last day of classes for 2021
👉 December 20th – 23rd | December holiday workshops
👉 January 4th | Showgrounds classes return for 2022 classes
👉 January 10th | Northcote and Torquay return for 2022 classes

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our November Gymnast of the Month [lockdown has us a little behind in this department, but we are working hard and will post more of our Gymnasts of the Month very soon]!

Northcote November GoM | Yuti

Here is what coach Adele had to say…
Yuti has worked very hard all year to achieve her cartwheel and perfect her handstand. Every week she comes to class with a massive smile and her infectiously positive attitude. Yuti’s hard work and attentiveness to feedback has really helped her improve throughout the year. Her passion for gymnastics has also shone through her respectful behaviour and focus inside the gym when completing activities and learning new skills. Yuti’s friendliness and kindness towards others in class has always been fantastic setting a great example for what an athlete and team player should look like!

Showgrounds November GoM | Stella

Here is what coach Kara had to say…
Stella always listens carefully to demonstrations, and not only takes on feedback provided to her, but implements this technical advice into her skills. She has shown a high level of commitment to improving her gymnastics over the duration of 2021. This is demonstrated through her consistent effort, and focus in class. Stella is always looking for a new way to challenge herself and improve her skills. This dedication has helped Stella to start learning her back hip circle!
Stella’s passion and love of gymnastics is evident through her joy at Twisters, and attentiveness in class. It is a pleasure to have witnessed Stella’s skills’ continuously improve throughout 2021!

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