“The story of the make-up token…”
We encourage all parents to have a read through Dan’s fantastic blog post on the history of the makeup token and how our make-ups have changed over the years, highly insightful! If you haven’t already given it a read, you can do so by heading here.

Declined Fee for Monthly Payments
A reminder to ensure your billing details are always up to date. You can check your details through the app, using the Parent Portal, at the front desk or over the phone. You will find monthly membership fees placed onto your account on the 25th of the month, before cards are charged on the 1st business day of the month.
Our pay merchant has always charged us a fee for declined payments, which is something that we have worn the cost for. However, recently there have been significant increases in cost and in frequency for these declined payments, and they are something that our business can no longer absorb.
From July 1st, Twisters will no longer absorb this cost. Which means, that should your card decline, a $5.50 declined fee will be placed onto your account (per failed transaction), and will be processed in addition to your monthly fees.

Layers = warmth!
Please dress your child for the weather, our Torquay and Northcote facilities are not heated, but layers can be your best friend. The kids can wear them until they’re warm and then just take them off as needed!

That’s a wrap on our mid-year testing!
Mid-year testing will conclude on Sunday, June 4th. Once testing has concluded you will be able to check your child’s results! When checking results, keep in mind that we only test half the skills during this mid-year testing and the other half will be tested at the end of the year.

Now, how do I check my child’s results? Simply follow the steps below…
• Login to your Parent Portal account.
• Go to My Account, then Students.
• Click, Evaluations, then onto the respective level, for example, beginner.
• Work through each skill area – floor, beam, bars, and so on, placing a sticker onto your poster for each yellow star displayed on the Portal. For example, there is a yellow star highlighted next to Bunny Hop. Fantastic! This means that your child has passed that skill and needs a stick next to that skill on their poster!

👉 I don’t have a poster or stickers?
If your coach hasn’t presented you with a poster or stickers yet, please head to the front desk so that we can help! 

👉 Why has my child only passed a few skills?
If your child was away for one of our testing weeks, unfortunately, they will have missed out on some of their testing. Don’t worry! Your child will be tested again at the end of the year or you can book into a makeup testing session during the next 2-weeks. 

👉 How long will it take for my child to pass their skill level?
During each testing period, kids are working towards approximately half of their colour level skills. For beginners, we expect that it will take kids a year, to complete the skill level. For intermediate a year, to a year and a half. For advanced, we expect it to take a year and a half to two years to accomplish all skills on their poster.

👉 How often will my child be tested?
Testing occurs twice a year, mid-year, and end-of-year. For testing dates, please head to our website where we always keep them up to date!

👉 My child has achieved all the skills on their poster, now what?
Well first of all, congratulations to your awesome gymnast or ninja who has passed all their skills! This is a huge achievement! What happens next is simple, your coach will get you a new poster for the next colour skill level, and a pin to mark the achievement of passing their current skill level!

Makeup Testing Sessions
Was your child absent for their regular class during testing weeks (May 22nd to June 4th)?
If so, you are eligible for make up testing! Please book your child in via the Parent Portal. The sessions can be found under ‘Classes’. Please ensure you book into the right session – for example, if your child attends a NinjaGym class, please make sure to book them into a make up testing session marked ‘ninja’.
These sessions will be available to book into from Monday, June 5th.

Parent Surveys
We are getting some great responses to our surveys that are being sent out via email. If you haven’t received a survey yet, don’t worry! They’re only coming out a little at a time so that we can ensure we read through all of your feedback. When you do receive a survey, we ask that you take the 1 to 2 minutes to complete it, and please be open and honest with your feedback regarding our venues and our coaches. We really appreciate your responses to these surveys!

You asked, we listened!
The feedback that we have already received from our parent surveys is fantastic! We are very interested to know your thoughts and make changes to improve your experience with us.
One of the changes we have made from some feedback, was bringing back the toys in the play area [mezzanine] at Northcote. You will notice we have some bean bags and toys for the kids’ in the play area. Please supervise your children and ensure they are looking after our toys so we can keep them around for others to enjoy!

Make Up Token Reminders
Make up tokens are a benefit of having an active enrolment with us here at Twisters, we provide you with a make up token every time you have to miss your child’s class due to illness, holiday, or any other reason.

A few quick reminders:
👉 Make up tokens hold no monetary value and cannot be used in lieu of fees.
👉 You need to have an active membership with Twisters to use your tokens.
👉 Make up tokens have a 90-day expiry from the date they are issued.

We are no longer offering the option to use make up tokens towards holiday programs and workshops. This opportunity was around for a short period of time, ending after our January 2023 holiday programs. There was never a policy in place regarding this, but instead if was an offering to try to help parents use their make up tokens from throughout the COVID period. We appreciate your understanding with this and are glad to many parents were able to take advantage while this was being offered!

We are understand that sometimes it can be hard to find a time to come in for a make up because classes are full. So here are a few tips…
👉 If you know that you are going to be away, you can make yourself absent using the Parent Portal, or using the Twisters app, in the ‘Future Absences’ section. If we know that a child will be away for a class, we are able to pop other kids into that spot for a make up lesson!
👉 If you are having difficulties finding make up class options, please get in touch with the office so that we can help you find a solution! We want kids to be coming to class and not missing out on their gymnastics!
👉 You can also book yourself into make up classes using the Parent Portal, or the Twisters app under the ‘Make Ups’ section!

iClassPro App
We have a wonderful, easy to use app for parents! The iClass Pro app allows parents to book in make-up classes, mark their child absent, request to transfer their class and book into holiday programs. If you haven’t already, you can download the iClassPro App from your app store and get started right away!
📲 Make sure you search for exactly that – ‘the iClassPro app’.
📲 Then, and this is very important, ensure you put in the correct organisation name, which is ‘twistersgym’ – all lower case and no spaces. You’ll know you’re in the right place because the landing page is purple (if the landing page is red, you’re trying to get into the Canadian Twisters).
📲 Lastly, you just need to pop in your Parent Portal details and you’re set!

Child Safety Corner
Coaches Extended Learning
Did you know that at Twisters we run workshops every term, across all three of our locations to our help our Coaches expand their knowledge? Our coaches get together with the aim of helping them learn new techniques, build confidence, learn new skills, talk about areas of struggle and of course to help strengthen the bond and build strong connections between staff!
All of this helps them not only become better educators, but provides the best experience for your kids at Twisters!

Important Dates
👉 June 1st | monthly membership fees will be charged
👉 June 12th | King’s Birthday public holiday, all three locations and our office will be closed
👉 June 25th | Northcote classes finish
👉 July 3rd | classes resume at Northcote

Get Social!
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Loads of great content, so come and follow along!
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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our May Gymnasts of the Month!

Northcote GoM | Delfina

Coach Andrea nominated Delfina, here is what she had to say…
I nominated Delfina as Gymnast of the Month because of her consistent level of dedication over the past year. She arrives at every class with a smile and a positive mindset. She is a quiet achiever who always works hard and does her best. She is a good listener and takes on feedback well. She is an absolute pleasure to coach. She should be very proud of herself and her achievements. Congratulations Delfina!

When did you start gymnastics? February 2022
What is your favourite thing about gym? The Monkey Bars
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Forwards walkovers
Do you do any other activities? Ballet and swimming
What is your favourite movie? The Little Mermaid
What is your favourite food? Spaghetti Bolognese
Favourite gymnastics skill? Swinging on the rings
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Invisibility
What do you want to be when you are older? Doctor+ Nurse+ Artist

Showgrounds GoM | Audrey

Coach Celia nominated Audrey, here is what she had to say…
I nominated Audrey for Gymnast of the Month for her amazing attitude towards gymnastics and her ability to always try new things. Every week Audrey is first at the gate excited and ready to come in and infects those around her with her positive energy. She is always willing to work with others and help out those who need it. Audrey is also very brave when faced with new challenges as she is always willing to try new things even when she’s scared. She displays many great qualities and is an absolute pleasure to be around.

When did you start gymnastics? Last year
What is your favourite thing about gym? The double mini trampoline
Do you do any other activities? Yes, swimming
What is your favourite movie? Octonauts
What is your favourite food? Noodles
Favourite gymnastics skill? Scorpion kick
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Cartwheel
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Fly
What do you want to be when you are older? Fire fighter

Torquay GoM | Sierra

Coach Bella nominated Sierra, here is what she had to say…
I nominated Sierra for gymnast of the month because of her positive mindset she has an amazing willingness to learn new things and is always looking to challenge herself , Sierra always comes to class with a BIG smile on her face, she also likes to make her classmates smile as well. Sierra is great at listening to instructions provided by the coaches and great at applying feedback. Sierra has improved tremendous amounts since the start of the year and I can’t wait to see her improve even more in the future. Keep up the amazing work!! 

When did you start gymnastics?  6 years ago!
What is your favourite thing about gym? It’s super fun and I love learning new skills
Do you do any other activities?  Swimming and horse riding 
What is your favourite movie? Walk, Ride, Rodeo. 
What is your favourite food?  Churros and pasta
Favourite gymnastics skill?  Front flips 
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?  Flying 
What do you want to be when you are older? An Olympic horse rider, have a ranch and rescue horses from the slaughter houses

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