Mid-Year Testing
Testing has been delayed and will start our first day back to classes after the current lockdown ends. It will then run for two weeks to ensure that everyone has a chance to get through their testing. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this delay.
Testing happens during class so you don’t need to do anything special during this time, we just ask that you ensure you arrive on time and ready to go!
After testing has concluded, you’ll be able to login into your Parent Portal account and check your child’s results. How?
• Login to the Parent Portal account.
• Go to My Account, then Students.
• Click, Evaluations, then onto the respective level, for example, beginner.
• Work through each skill area, floor, beam, bars, etc. For example, FL1 – Bunny Hop, notice a yellow star highlighted by the skill, this means your child has passed that skill and needs a sticker on their poster!

👉 I don’t have a poster?
If your coach hasn’t presented you with a poster yet, please head to the front desk so that we can provide you with one!

👉 We’re going to miss both weeks of testing, now what?
No worries! We have a few dates available with makeup testing sessions available during the first week of school holidays at Northcote. To book yourself into a 15-minute makeup testing session, head here! Please note that sessions are first-come, first-serve.

👉 Why has my child only passed a few skills?
If your child was away for one of our testing weeks and didn’t do a makeup class within this time, unfortunately, they will have missed out on some of their testing. Don’t worry! Your child will be tested again at the end of the year!

👉 How long will it take for my child to pass their skill level?
During each testing period, kids are working towards approximately half of their colour level skills. For beginners, we expect that it will take kids between a year, and a year and a half, to complete the skill level. For intermediate a year and a half, to two. For advanced, we expect it to take at least two years to accomplish all skills on their poster.

👉 How often will my child be tested?
Testing occurs twice a year, mid-year, and end-of-year. For testing dates, please head to our website where we always keep them up to date!

👉 My child has achieved all the skills on their poster, now what?
Well first of all, congratulations to your awesome gymnast who has passed all their skills! This is a huge achievement! What happens next is simple, your coach will get you a new poster for the next skill level, and a badge to mark the achievement of passing their current skill level!

👉 How does the in-class testing work?
You will notice 2 coaches on the majority of classes. One coach is responsible for keeping the class running and the other coach will be testing each child individually. The lesson plans have been written to include all the testing skills throughout the gym, scattered across the different zones. Not every single station in each zone is a testing station. Your child will have the opportunity to test every skill within the 2 week testing period.

QR Code Reminder
It is absolutely imperative that if you are intending on staying at our venue longer than to see your child off and pick them up, you must check yourself in using the QR codes located in our seating areas. The most recent outbreak is a stark reminder that this isn’t over yet. Please make sure you are signing yourself in using the QR code so that we can continue to keep everyone safe in our facilities.

Cancellations and Makeups
Thinking of cancelling your child’s Twisters membership?
A quick reminder that we require 14-days written notice. You can submit a ‘Drop’ request through the Parent Portal or email us at admin@twistersgym.com.au.
We cannot refund you for unused makeup tokens, they hold no monetary value and are given as a grace for classes you have had to miss. They must be used when your child has an active enrolment with Twisters. This means that you cannot cancel your membership and then continue to use makeup tokens.
Lastly, makeup tokens expiry after 40-days, and they are issued from the date that you missed the class.

Membership Packs
Our membership packs were given to kids in the first few weeks of 2020, just prior to the first shutdown. We still have lots of t-shirts and bags ready for collection, so if you’d like one please head to the front desk so we can organise this for you. T-shirt sizes left are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Child Safety Report
At the beginning of May, the Australian Human Rights Commission released a report, Change the Routine: Report on the Independent Review into Gymnastics in Australia. We welcome this report and the change that we hope it will bring to Gymnastics Australia. There were 138 respondents to the Commission’s call for submissions. Out of a sport with upwards of 400,000 participants across Australia, a heavy focus of the report is on elite gymnastics.

Twisters Gymnastics is very far removed from the world of elite gymnastics and is well and truly focused on helping our members to Grow Through Movement as our mission.12 recommendations were released in the report and as an affiliated club to Gymnastics Victoria/Australia, we welcome and await any changes to our existing Child Safe and Member Protection policies and procedures that our governing bodies ask us to make. For any interested parents, both our Child Safe Policy and Member Protection policy are available on our website here.

Northcote Traffic Flow | One-Way Access
The precinct of 177 Beavers Road is a one-way road; you must arrive at Twisters via the Beavers Road entry and you must exit via Goldsmith Grove. Keeping the traffic flow one-way helps avoid congestion and difficulties at the narrow, steep end of the driveway. Cars are not permitted to enter from Goldsmith Grove. We have had multiple businesses complain about the driveway not being used as a one-way, we want to ensure all of our families are aware and can assist all of us with this. If you’d prefer to not use the one-way, no worries! Please park on Beavers Road or one of the other adjoining streets, avoiding the one-way drive altogether… Thank you!

Car Engines
A reminder to turn your car off when waiting for your child at Twisters. Even if you are just waiting for a few minutes, we would appreciate if all cars can be turned off to avoid everyone breathing in the toxic fumes.

Important Dates
👉 June fees will be charged on the first day we are back to classes after the current lockdown
👉 PUBLIC HOLIDAY | Monday, June 14th, no classes at either location
👉 Northcote End of Term | Sunday, June 27th
👉 Northcote Back | Monday, July 5th
👉 Showgrounds classes are continuous
👉 Holiday Programs and Workshops | Monday, June 28th to Sunday, July 11th

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Gymnast of the Month
Congratulations to our May Gymnasts of the Month!

Northcote May GoM | Samantha

Here is what coach Shashika had to say…
Samantha always comes to gymnastics with a big smile on her face which makes having her in my class so exciting and fun! She is always ready to join in and give things a go, even if they’re a little tricky. Samantha works hard and always tries her best when she is participating in activities. She has her listening ears on every class and has become comfortable in letting me know when something is too easy or a little difficult. It’s awesome to see Samantha work hard, have fun and become so comfortable not only in the gym but with her peers as well!!

When did you start gymnastics?  January 2021
What is your favourite thing about gym? Trampoline
Do you do any other activities?  Swimming
What is your favourite movie? Frozen 2, because Olaf says Samantha!
What is your favourite food?  Mango
Favourite gymnastics skill?  Cartwheels
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Handstand
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?  Ice powers like Elsa
What do you want to be when you are older?  Teacher

Showgrounds May GoM | Violeta

Here is what coach Elena had to say…
Violeta is a great listener and an even greater team player! She comes to every class with her listening ears on and is always eager to learn new skills. Violeta helps her fellow gymnasts whenever they forget activities or need a hand and is very happy to show her classmates what activity will be next. Congratulations Violeta, keep up the good work!

When did you start gymnastics?  2019
What is your favourite thing about gym? Trampoline
Do you do any other activities? Tennis, piano, swimming, karate, sincro swim
What is your favourite movie? Raya and the Last Dragon
What is your favourite food?  Chocolate
Favourite gymnastics skill?  Press to handstand
What gymnastics skill have you always wanted to learn? Splits & back bend
If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Be able to rewind time or teleportation
What do you want to be when you are older? Engineer, gymnast, dancer or designer  

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